Sexual Purity

If you desire to honor God by maintaining sexual purity, you have come to the right place. Here, you'll learn both concepts and practical tips that will help you overcome temptation and keep your heart pure.

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Want to Stop Masturbating?

Is Masturbation a Sin?

Most people don’t know what God actually has to say about sexuality. You probably have an internal sense of shame and guilt, but could you explain to someone else why it’s wrong? Understanding your problem from a Biblical perspective will give inner motivation and spiritual strength to slay this giant and begin overcoming masturbation.

Effects of Masturbation - on your body

Is masturbation a harmless way to release tension? Or does your body pay a price for this tempting activity?

Side Effects of Masturbation - on your personality

Unfortunately, this habitual practice changes the very core of what makes you you - your brain. It may actually even change your personality.

Addicted to Masturbation -(article coming soon)

Is your habit an addiction? Is it something else? Does the label you give it really matter?

Stop Masturbating Part 1 (overcoming masturbation) - a spiritual approach

This page looks at the spiritual changes that need to take place in order for you to have victory over masturbation.

Stop Masturbating Part 2 - change your diet and lifestyle

Self control is HUGELY affected by what you eat, how much water you drink, how much sleep you get, and how much you exercise. Have you ever seen someone get stressed and cranky because they didn’t have caffeine? You wouldn't recommend them to see a counselor to handle their irritability would you? No. You'd tell them to stop drinking coffee or soda.

In the same way, your brain has actually developed an addiction to the dopamine and endorphins that are released when you masturbate so when you try to stop you become miserable and feel like you “need” to do it to feel normal again.  Providing your body with the right environment and physical support is critical to push through the “withdrawal” symptoms.

Stop Masturbating Part 3 - a common sense approach

There are certain simple things you should start doing and stop doing if you really want to begin overcoming masturbation. No psychology degree needed!

How to Stop Masturbating Part 4 - a scientific approach using proven methods.

The method to try when willpower alone isn't enough. (article coming soon)


It's Not About Your Porn Addiction, It's About Your Brain.

Check back soon to read the following articles:

Negative effects of pornography

A look at how this secret sin will eventually spill into other areas of life and erode other aspects of your life that you care about.

Why is pornography wrong?

A look at the social implications of the porn industry and how you support corruption each time you view pornography.

Are you addicted to porn?

Take a short quiz and find out!

How to stop porn addiction

God will never allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to bear, and when we are tempted, He always provides us a way of escape. Stay tuned to learn how God has instructed us to live in order that we may keep our eyes and our hearts from sinning.

How to block porn

There are some really fantastic programs out there that will help block porn from your computer. Even if you're quite savvy and usually able to disarm porn blockers, you'll soon see several options of filters that will stand firm for you in your moment of weakness.

Click Here to Access Recommended Online Accountability Filter

Overcoming pornography

You may be fighting a habit that took many years to build. Overcoming pornography addiction may require you to make several lifestyle changes.

Boundaries in Dating

Physical boundaries in dating part 1 (soon to be broken up in to several shorter pages)

Physical boundaries in dating part 2 (soon to be broken up in to several shorter pages)

The Marriage Bed

The Marriage Bed (soon to be broken up in to several shorter pages)

5 things singles should anticipate.

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